Ants and Bars

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Amissa stayed home to do homework while me and Alex went out on a bug hunt. He was looking for queen ants and I was looking for anything with six legs. The grasshopper escaped though — good for him.  I rested at home for a bit until Amissa was ready to go out.  It was dark by now. We went to el Gamellon where we had tapas and drinks.  We wanted to go to another bar we’ve never been to before but just ended up at Sarao.  We had more drinks and saw that a band was going to be playing.  We asked for the showtime and decided to return later.  Upon our return, Sarao was extremely crowded.  The band was called Magic Bus.  I found out that the lead singer was Paco Lencina, Jumilla’s butterfly man.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to him but I do hope to one day.  After Sarao, we went to Underground with some new friends and spent the night hanging out.

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2 thoughts on “Ants and Bars

  1. Javier

    Hola, encontré esta entrada por casualidad, creo que te gustara recordar esos momentos, hemos creado un canal de youtube y estoy subiendo vídeos de aquella actuación.


    • Hola Javier, muchas gracias! La verdad es que si me da mucho gusto recordar el tiempo que pase viviendo en Jumilla. Lo pase tan bien que seguro volvere a visitar la ciudad de nuevo cuando vuelva a España. Saludos desde California.

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