Picking Olives

Saturday, December 1st, 2012

We offered to help Ascen pick the olives at her campo.  They picked us up around noon.  We stopped at their house in the city to pick up their kids. After some piano playing, we headed to the campo which was quite far. We got a quick tour of the campo before starting work. The campo was huge and cozy — the kind of place you wouldn’t mind spending your last few days in.  Olive picking was simple.  First, you lay down a netting under the tree. After that, you just use your hands or a rake-like tool to pick the olives off and use the netting to gather them into a bucket.  The only downside to picking olives is that they become ripe in December meaning you’ll be outside in the cold for hours.

We went in for lunch about an hour into picking.  The food was great and plentiful as it always is in Spain.  We relaxed for a bit while we digested.  I played the piano again.  We then picked olives for another hour or two.  The work was simple but cold.  I helped Javier, Ascen’s husband, load about a dozen buckets full of olives before he took them to the Almazara, olive oil mill.  As a gift, Ascen gave us a bottle of olive oil and a dozen fresh eggs straight from her coop. We didn’t get back home til ten.  The day was spent playing wit the kids, eating, chatting, and playing instruments.  It was a really good time spent with a very nice family.

The next day, Sunday, was quiet and spent mostly at home relaxing.

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