Friday with Principe Felipe

Friday, November 30th, 2012

I went it work this Friday to make up my sick day I took a few weeks back.  Juana, one of the tutors, was retiring and this was her last day.  The school had an impressive fire drill.  In all my years at schools, I have never seen so much effort put into a fire drill.  The drill rang, the kids lined up, we exited the classroom into the smoke filled halls (fog machines), the kids lined up outside, a teacher and student were stuck in a classroom, the damn firefighters came, they entered with hoses, and the other truck used a lift to evacuate the victims from the window.  All the while, the kids were cheering. It was quite a show.

After school, I attended a faculty/staff lunch to honor Juana and her retirement. The food was amazing as always — the best gambas I’ve had, pork and garlic mayo, fried cheese and jelly, clam stew, pork chops, and so much more.  We spent about three hours just dining and chatting.  The group decided to continue the party at a Bar Totem across from Sarao.  I told them I would meet them shortly.  I went home to pick up Amissa.  She had a quick bite at Doner Kebab and then we met them.

We spent some time at the bar mingnling until we got hungry again.  We headed down the street to Bar Levante where had some more tapas. We ended our night here.


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