Weekend in Murcia

Since I’m a month behind in journaling, I’ll be condensing the following entries.  I hope to catch up entirely before leaving to enjoy my Christmas vacation through Europe.

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Ascen, a professor at my school, offered Alex and us a ride to Murcia.  She would be going for some English lesson.  We would be going to have some fun.  We arrived in Murcia and headed straight to the Tranvia.  Alex wanted to go to the shopping center outside of  Murcia to buy a backpack.  The tram ride was about ten minutes.  The shopping center, Thader, was huge and we spent some time exploring.  When we returned to the city center, Harmon met us with her puppy, Puppy.  We had some salteñas and grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon.  Later, we went to a Bolivian restaurant, Doña Cindas, with a large group of people — photo below. The food came in large portions and the people were friendly.  I had a chicha and silpancho. Everyone was going to a nightclub after.  Harmon, Amissa, and I weren’t in the mood.  We met with Dave and Claire at a library-ish bar.  After, we went to a biker bar until about 2am.  We slept over Harmon’s house.

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

In the morning, we relaxed at Harmon’s flat.  Manu had invited us over for lunch so we headed over there around 1 pm. Manu had prepared a feast for us and some of our friends from the night before.  It was all delicious. Albondiga soup, flan, salad, and much more.  We sat around until it was our time to catch the bus to Jumilla.




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