Errands & Tapas

Friday, November 16th, 2012

On my first day off, I decided it was time to run some errands.  I finally exchanged all my dollars into euros and deposited them into my Spanish bank account.  It was a bit frightening with the whole crisis and all, but I feel a lot safer with my money at a bank than in my apartment.  We then headed to the Correos to mail some paperwork for Amissa’s mom and some postcards for friend sand family.

Premiering her new dress

Premiering her new dress

Once a handful of errands were completed, we headed to Nuestro Bar to celebrate.  We ordered our usual tapas, beieras, montaditos, and our new favorite drink, Mixta Shandy.  We returned home to relax.

At night, we headed to La Tapa for dinner.  The owner of the bar helped us a little in deciding what to choose.  I told him our budget and with a cigarette in his mouth he brought the tapas out.  I asked to sample the brains. He gave me a whole plate.  Pig brains.  Garlic.  Delicious when consumed in small portions. A whole plate was overwhelming.  We went to Sarao after for drinks.

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