Ruta de Pucheros

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Alex and I woke early to buy ten salteñas for our friends from Murcia.  We waited an hour before waking everybody for breakfast.  They would be leaving before noon.  From the looks of it, everyone enjoyed his or her salteñas. Our guests left.

Alex had invited a few more people from Murcia over to Jumilla for the Ruta de Pucheros.  Manuel, Alex’s couchsurfing host, drove from Murcia along with three Polish guys and Carlita, an auxiliar.  Basically, the  ruta de tapa is a city wide deall  at specific bars where for 2 euros you get  a puchero , small bowl ,  and a glass of local wine. In chronological order, we went to Reyes Catolicos, Bar Sebastian, Bar Las Venecias, Tres Soles, and San Augustin. We ate, in chronological order, paella, meat stew, meatballs, baccalao, and montaditos.

Sweet wine

Sweet wine

so sweet

so sweet

our friends

our friends

good times

good times

The day was rainy but it did not affect our thirst for a good time.  By night, we headed back to the house.  Our guests sobered up and left.  Amissa was feeling sick from the wine.  She had an exam to complete by the end of the night.  We went to Sarao to take the exam before ending our night.

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