Day in Madrid

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

We woke up and had our free breakfast at the hostel.  We had an hour to walk around before the free walking city tour began.  We checked out of the hotel but were allowed to leave our bags or the day. Our tour guide, Roberto, started the tour at Plaza Mayor.  Our friend from Mexico, Joaquin, stuck with us most of the time even at the end when we had Burger King.  Roberto took us to see the Cathedral, Royal Palace, Egyptian ruins, and other sites. We tipped him at the end but more importantly befriended him and exchanged info for the future. The tour ended at Plaza del Sol.

We headed back to Gran Via and did some shopping. There was a bum with a squealing baby pig. I bought a jacket from H&M and Amissa bought a pea coat from Blanco.  We stopped at Museo del Jamon for a quick and cheap bite.  Before nightfall, we returned to the hostel to get our bags.  From there we walked up to El tigre tapas bar.  We payed €5 for a sangria and fat plate of greasy tapas.  The rain had started again. We walked by the Puerta de Alcala and through the Parque de Buen Retiro.  Ascen finally called me and we quickly arranged a vague meeting point.  We headed towards the Reina Sofia.

The Reina Sofia museum was huge. Amissa’s feet were hurting  and sat down at every chance she got. I urged her to continue it was strenuous but we made it through three floors of the Reina Sofia. Guernica was everything I though it to be. We killed some time at the gift shop before meeting with Ascen at 9. With my phone dead and no way of reaching her I stood along the street hoping she would drive by and see me. After twenty minutes, I realized the best thing to do would be to charge my phone and call her. We found a Starbucks, got ahold of Ascen, Amissa got a drink, and we headed to meet our ride back home. Ascen and her family were very kind giving us pizza, beverages, fruits, and good company. After an hour on the road,  I fell asleep.

We were dropped off at our door step. Upon coming home, we were greeted by a house full of visitors. Alex, Harmon, Dave, Claire, and Seonaid had spent the day doing the Ruta de Pucheros. They would be spending the night. We talked for a while and then went to bed.

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