The Alhambra

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

We had two tickets to enter the Alhambra at 12:00pm.  We woke around 10am and left in search of some food.  We entered a bar near the Rio Darro called Minotuario.  We shared a bocadillo.  We walked up towards the Alhambra in a bit of a rush because it was crucial to enter at the time on our ticket.  A foggy forest trail led us up to the Alhambra — this alone was worth visiting Granada. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize we could have entered as early as 8am.  The 12pm ticket was just to enter certain areas of the Alhambra.  We were told the Alhambra closed at 2pm.  Sadly, we had to rush through the thousand year old fortress.

Overall, the experience was overwheleming.  The detail in the architecture was endless, the view of the city was charming, and the history was omnipresent.

At the Generalife, we bumped into Alex and Kat towards the end of our Alhambra visit.  We would meet later.  We left the Alhambra feeling satisfied, hungry, and tired.  Amissa couldn’t walk anymore so we sat on a bench for nearly fifteen minutes.  We walked back through  the forest to the city.

We found a strip of tapa bars and decided to choose one to eat at.  We had a few glasses of sangria and tapas.  After, we returned to Zebbie’s flat.  She made us some sweet potato veggie burgers. Later that night, we walked forty five minutes to meet our roommates for more tapas at El Peruano.  Their tapas came with a mountain of french fries.  After a few hours, we headed back to Zebbie’s to end the night.

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