A Friday in Granada

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

In the morning, we walked down to the Plaza Mariana Pineda and had breakfast with Zebbie at the Futbol café.  Amissa and I had toast and tomato. Zebbie had churros and chocolate.  We split and headed to the Plaza del Carmen again to meet our friends.  We had arrived early and took advantage and entered the Ayuntamiento’s tourist office and garden.  We were told the Alhambra tickets were sold out.  Alberto and the roommates arrived. He gave me instructions on how to find tickets online the way they did earlier.  I went through the purchase on my cell phone. With that cleared, we headed up Avenida Reyes Catolicos towards Albaicin. Our first stop was at the Corral del Carbon, our first look at the Moorish footprint. We continued.

Amissa was stopping at every souvenir shop. I was anxious to see the city and became frustrated.  I assured her that there would be time for that later. Everything was better once we reached Carrera del Darro and walked along the river. This part of Granada was pure magic – a superb mixture of nature and fascinating architecture.  We then walked to the Sacramonte and up to one of the city’s viewpoints.  The atmosphere changed in this barrio.  You could feel the isolation and poorer living conditions in this area but there was a certain Spanish charm that made this place exciting and real.  We reached the viewpoint and were impressed by the size of the Alhambra directly across from us – we would be going there the next day.

We were exploring Albaicin and eventually began looking for a place to rest and eat.  We ended up at a tapa bar, had some sangria, and devoured our patatas bravas. We decided to continue eating elsewhere.  We walked down Albaicin. Amissa bought earrings.  We stopped to eat at a Kebab King.  After, we headed to see the cathedral. It was immense.  We walked to the Plaza Bib-Rambla and split up to explore the shops of Alcaceria for 30 minutes. Instead of meeting back in front of the Cathedral, we bumped into our group members at a tea shop.

From there, we headed back up to Albaicin looking for a teteria.  We entered what looked like a random house. Inside was a teteria with three floors.  We each ordered our teas. There was Jazmin, Strawberry, Lemon, Raspberry, and a blend called Andalusian Night at our table.

We split, met up with Zebbie, and went out for tapas.  We hit three bars before going back home to bed.  The second bar had really big tapas. The waiters in the third bar were really friendly.  All the greasy French fries made me sick but I was fine. Granada is spectacular.

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