Work Week #5 – Halloween Birthday

Monday, 30th of October, 2012

I woke up early to work on a halloween powerpoint for class. I was feeling a bit hungover.  With a boiled egg in my front pocket, I walked to school.  The egg kept me warm but occasionally made me smell like fart throughout the day.

Wednesday, 31st of October, 2012

Halloween morning. Amissa woke up to make me an egg sandwhich. I went to work.  Amissa would meet me at my school at 12:30pm for the holiday celebration.  This kids were excited.  The day before Juan had given me a strange pirate/vampire costume.   Amissa came by at exactly 12:30pm.  The school scheduled thirty  minutes of dress-up time.  I put on my costume and used make-up to draw a mustache and sharp eyebrows.  Amissa and I walked around the playground as the kids played various games.  The soundtrack to Nightmare Before Christmas played in the background. We left early.  It was cold.

In the spirit

My school


Spanish Leapfrog

Amissa came to join

Juan and I

We walked home. People stared at the make-up still on my face.  Upon arrival to our flat, Alex gave me a bottle of Alceno’s rosé wine. Amissa made me a birthday bocadillo with grilled onions.  I rested a bit before returning to school for my afternoon classes.

After class, I purchased some bus tickets for Murcia for Thursday.  Then, I went to Consum and bought some mozzarella.  When I got home, Amissa began to cook my birthday lasagna.  We sat around the table and shared the lasagna and wine with our roommates.  Amissa’s first attempt at lasagna was successful, delicious, and filling.

Gift from Alex

The lasagna!

Birthday Boy

Me and my b

We went to bed. We would be in Granada the next day.

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