Monasterio and New Friends

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

We met with our landlady and her husband, Cande, in the lobby of our flat after going to Bar Copacabana for salteñas.  With them was Miguel’s sister who lives in Switzerland.  We would be meeting with a few more of their friends for our hike up to the Santa Ana Monastery.  The morning was freezing which made us a bit slow. The trail to the monastery ran along a road, eventually turned into a proper trail surrounded by trees, and then became steeper going uphill into the mountain.  There was a marathon going on in the city and some of our mates wanted to return early to see their relatives finish.  At this point, the hike would become purely uphill.  We laughed at Amissa being fatigued sooner than our 40-something year old landlady.  Soon, we reached the monastery, got to look inside, got a nice view of the city, and went a little higher to see the fresh water fountain.

On the walk down, Miguel and I talked about Jumilla, Spain, and Europe. He also told me about his trip to the states in the 1970’s and how he got a free cross country road trip by fixing some German’s VW motor.  We got back to the city. It was alive with people on the streets waiting for the runners to pass by.  On Avenida Levante, we stopped at a churreria where our landlords treated us to churros and hot chocolate.  Amissa loved it. I asked Miguel how much we walked. He said “12 km.”

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We went back home and had to siesta.  Amissa had some homework but eventually got to nap.  I woke up to a call from Harmon, a 2nd year auxiliar from Murcia city.  She had been in Jumilla for the day with some friends and wanted to meet up.  We had them come over.  Harmon, Pablo, Claire, & Dave — two couples. Claire and Dave where chefs who were placed together in Murcia.  They seemed too tired to see the castle so we stayed in, drank wine, and chewed the fat.  They would be coming back in two or three weeks to check out Jumilla’s  annual gastronomic route.

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