Avenida Yecla

Friday, October 26th, 2012

In the morning, Amissa and I review her homework.  Kat left to the correos to mail bottles of wine back to California. We would meet at the bank at 1:30pm.  After completing errands, I continued to help Amissa with her work.  With the day almost over and Amissa still working on her studies, I decided to venture out by myself and explore Jumilla. I’d been hearing about the north part of the city and how it’s semi-dangerous because of the gypsy immigrant/low-income population of the city.   First thing I noticed when I got to the top was an increase in the amount of stray animals. I saw a group of stray kitten — only one didn’t run away when I got near.  I kept on walking north, found a cool weevil, and then eventually got to a point where there was nothing but warehouses and factories.  I walked to the south side of town hoping to find at least one more interesting insect.  I arrived at an empty field near the polideportivo on Avenida Libertad — it was a nice green area to explore. On my was back home, I heard a large group of children. I walked by to see what was going on — the kids saw me and swarmed me.  They were all from my school and decided they wanted to group hug me.  I was overwhelmed but eventually saved by a teacher.  I went to Panda, a Chino store, and bought a poster to extend my stamp poster.  I came home, had dinner, and prepared for our night out.  We met with Mayte and her friends again at Sarao.  The bar was livelier but unfortunately we had to go home early — we would be going on an excursion the next day.

Teatro Vico

This little guy didn’t run

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