Work Week #4

Monday, October 22nd, 2012
We watched the new Walking Dead episode. Later we ate leftover pork with white sauce and undercooked rice.  Amissa didn’t follow the 1:2 rice water ratio and things got nasty.  Kat gave us some news about Amissa possibly taking her spot at Miguel Hernandez.  This would mean she would get a visa and we’d be able to travel without fear of being deported.   We worked on our stamp poster until the end of the night.

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012
I left to work 15 minutes early.  I had hoped to make a habit of this since I had been often arriving a few minutes late to work.  Amissa met me after work. We walked up the street to the market and then later to Consum for the rest of our groceries.  I worked on some Halloween vocabulary for my afternoon classes. I came home to meet Amissa. We walked over to Millenium pizza for our weekly €5 pizza.  We decided to try the pizza that is usually the most expensive.  The bill came for a full priced pizza.  I looked at the small print on the poster advertising the deal. We haven’t been back since.  This was the first night Amissa and I went to the polideportive to run a mile around the track. Amissa was winded halfway through.  I surprisingly did good.  We decided to run every night.


Our stamp poster

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
At night, we ran a mile around the track.  We bumped into Anni when leaving. She mentioned hanging out the next two nights. We agreed.

Thursday, October 25th, 2012
This Thursday we had invited the Walkers to lunch at Bar Delicia.  A week or two ago they had given us a very nice tour of the city and even bought us drinks along the way.  That day I chose the moros y cristianos (beans and rice), cerdo a la plancha, and a pomegranate orange dessert.  We had a ciesta.  The circus was in town and we had intentions on going.  After watching youtube videos of the circus, we decided to pass and save €14. Around 10pm, Kat, Alex, Amissa, and I met with Mayte, Anni, and some of their friends at Sarao. Mayte’s boyfriend, Joaquin, told us about his job in Senegal, Africa.  We felt pretty popular when the girls from the handball team came in to the bar. The night ended.

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