Cata de Vino

Saturday, Oct. 13, 2012

This morning Alex joined me to pick up salteñas at Bar Copacabana. We decided since the girls were fast asleep we’d eat one at the bar. We hunched over sucking the juicy blood out of our stuffed empanadas.  Evidence of a wild night lingered around the bar in the form of an unconscious, masculine woman being pestered by a stumbling, mumbling drunk. We returned home with a bagful of salteñas.

Amissa and I spent the rest of the day on the couch watching season 2 of the Walking Dead.  W watched maybe four episodes.  We began to get ready for our night of wine tasting with our landlady, Candy, & co.

We rendezvoused in the lobby of our flat.  Greeted by Cande and Miguel, we were introduced to their Swiss friends, an older couple and their teenage daughter. We headed to Los Chilines, a wine shop at the eastern end of Avenida Levante.  I had walked into Los Chilines on Thursday night and asked about the event on Saturday night. The man at the counter said it was a private event. I chuckled in my head imagining the dubious look on his face when I would step into his private affair. Saturday night.  We walked in with a group. He recalled my face.  It was a subtle recognition followed by a greeting. We would later become friends and I promised to forward him the photos I took.

The “cata de vinos” is a wine tasting event with tapas.  We were scheduled to try four wines but the owner was generous enough to add an extra bottle of his personal favorite,  un vino tinto dulce, which turned out later to be a bit too sweet. Also worth mentioning, we tried Jamon Iberrico for the first time. We were told it wasn’t the #1 jamon but it was definitely up there in quality and taste. It was sliced thin. The fat tasted like a smooth cheese and dissolved in your mouth. It felt like one hundred bucks on your tongue.  ALSO worth mentioning, Amissa was looking tastier than the Jamon Iberrico. I’ll leave the details of the night within these photos.

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Sunday, Oct. 14, 2012

Another slow Sunday. The day consisted of the Walking Dead Season 2, Amissa doing homework, Amissa missing assignments, and cooking some good chicken and pasta.  Everything is closed on Sundays here in Spain so you’re kind of forced to be lazy.

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