National Spain Day

Friday, Oct. 12, 2012
We woke up early to check out the guardia civil’s ceremony for Spain’s National Day at the paseo near Jardin Rey Don Pedro.   There was some patriotic music, chanting, speeches, and Jumilla’s mayor.  Under 100 people showed up to the event.

La Guardia Civil


Raising the flag

Photo op

After the ceremony, we went into Happy Days cafe for some coffee and tostadas de tomate. We walked home. Alex and I later went out to buy a chessboard.  Amissa sat on the couch on the laptop. Me and Alex started a chess game.  I was naive and bloodthirsty during the first game. It was over in less than thirty minutes.  Alex won.  We played a second game. This time I learned to be cautious, restrain from shedding blood, and more importantly develop strategies.  The game lasted 2 hours. I won.

Amissa and I began watching Futurama Season 1.  Later, we walked to nuestro bar for some tapas.  It’s worth remembering that a small black kitten was hiding in the bar. The waiter playfully chased it around. The cat ran around, tried jumping on picture frames, hid behind freezers, and eventually ran out.  We ordered drinks, patatas con berberechos, marineras, beieras, and montaditos. The total came out to €14.

We returned home had a wine night with the roommates, played Who Am I?, and then ten fingers.  Fun night.

Patatas con berberechos


Nuestro Bar

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