Market & Millenium

Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2012
I woke up early for work this morning. The kids today were restless. After my shift, Amissa met me at work and we headed to la plaza. We bought fruits, vegetables, candy, and nuts. More importantly, we bought a Chirimoya, my mother’s favorite fruit. We bought some ham and cheese from Tere, a friend we met through Ines. I think she might’ve given us a friendly discount on the cheese. My afternoon classes went well. I received about €45 from parents who hadn’t paid dues. At home, Amissa and I planned to eat €5 pizza at Millenium during dinner. We ate something small around 6pm. We had tostadas de tomate and the chirimoya. We researched the mysterious fruit and found that it comes from the South or Central America. Also, it was Mark Twain’s favorite fruit. I asked Amissa and Kat what fruit seed they would want to be.


After eating, we went to find postcards, the post office, and detergent. The postcards were too expensive, the post office was closed, but we found ice cream and bought the detergent. We returned home, derped for a bit, then went out for the pizza. We discovered that Millenium serves free olives and almonds aside from having €5 pizza Tuesdays. We took the pizza to go. After finishing our dinner, we decoded the mysterious washing machine with the help of Kat. This is the first post I write the same night the day ends. It’s late. Hopefully, I can stay on top of these journal entries.

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