Murcian Business

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012
Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. I can’t remember whether this was Saturday or Sunday but one morning we met with a couple who wanted Amissa to babysit their two year old boy, Gonzalo. Elena and Juan Miguel were the parents. It was an awkward meeting that ended abruptly with a “well call you later.” They never called. We didn’t care.

We missed our 5:30 bus to Murcia and were forced to take the late bus. Kat, Amissa, and I arrived at the Murcia bus station around 10pm. Alex was there to greet us. We would be meeting our friend Michiel there too. He spent the day at the beach and his bus would arrive soon after ours. There was a photo booth where we would be able to take our passport photos for our TIE application appointment on Monday. During this, Michi arrived with his entourage. Most of us went out for tapas. The streets were busy with people crowding bars trying to watch the Madrid Barcelona soccer game. Amissa and I just wanted to eat. We went to a tapa bar called La Tapa… how original. Their name wasn’t the only thing that was lame. The service was slow and the waiters must have been at the very least half retarded. The food was great but came in small portions and was very expensive. The Murcian auxiliares felt terrible but we weren’t upset just still hungry. We left and headed towards a kebab place. Kat and Alex spent the night with Michi’s friend. Amissa and I went to Michis. We stayed up for a bit hanging with Michi until it was bedtime. We each had a couch and a blanket.

Monday, Oct. 8, 2012
I’m not going to bother rewriting this entry. So here are some pics and a quick summary.  Woke up in Murcia City. Went to Extranjeria to get TIE with roommates and Amissa. Met with Michi at his place. Got a tour of Murcia City.  Had a good time. Came back home to Jumilla. Good to be home.

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