First Day Off

Friday, Oct. 5, 2012
This was my first day off.  Although I only worked a twenty hour week it sure felt good to have some freedom.  Amissa was busy doing her homework and I was determined to get out and explore.  I decided to venture out into the barrio San Juan on the eastern side of the city.  I walked around several streets stumbling upon parks and little shops.  The walk eventually turned into my first bug hunt. I checked the plants surrounding and found some interesring insects.

Sierra del Buey

San Juan

I returned home.  Kat was getting ready to go out with Alex.  They were going to meet a british expat couple who hve been living in Jumilla for 4 years.  We told our roommates that we would meet with them shortly.  We got ready and ended being 45 minutes late.  Fortuneatly, they waited at the Los Angeles Bar for us.  We met John and Sue Walker and their pup Lucy.  They were extremely kind and very knowledgeable over everything Jumilla. We began walking through barrio San Juan and making our way to Iglesia Santiago on the western end of the city.  We stopped at Nuestro bar for some drinks.  A drunken Ecuadorian man walked up to us and expressed his overwhelming emotion upon seeing our multicultural table.  It was strange. He said I was “guapo” and later caressed my face. He also said he owned the bar we were at. We later found he didn’t.

Walking Tour

Almonds and Olives

We met with Ines and her friend Salvi at Keltoi, the Irish pub.  She caught another centipede and wanted to give it to me.  We caught up.  She would be leaving to Mallorca in the middle of the week.  I wished her a good trip and she left.  Amissa and I stayed for a bit to rest.  Amissa tried her first hot chocolate in Spain.  I don’t think she was impressed.

We had our first night in with our roommates. We drank wine, laughed, and got to bond a little.

These are some of the cool insects I found:

Fat Beetle

Fat Beetle Front

Shiny Beetle

True Bug


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