One week

September 27, 2012

One week in Jumilla.  The rainy weekend begins.  The day started with Amissa, Ines, and I visiting the last piso on our list.  This flat was the penthouse, attic, or simply the top floor of the building where Gaspar’s office was located. The flat was spacious, lacked furniture, had a beautiful terrace overlooking the city, and was €200 more than we could afford.  We didn’t even consider this flat.  We immediately called Cande and expressed our 100% interest in her flat.  She said she had other people interested at the moment and since they would be long-term tenants she prefered them.  She expected there call before 8pm. If she didn’t hear from them by that time, the apartment would be ours.  We waited. It was torture.

Luckily we had a distraction, our roommate, Kat Loo, would be arriving this day via bus.  We weren’t sure when she would arrive so we walked to the bus station and looked at the incoming bus arrival times .  We returned to the bus station frequently to catch the arriving buses.  The first bus that arrived lacked our roommate.  We decided to spend our time walking around the city.  Around 6, we returned to bus station and had a drink at the bus station bar.  After twenty minutes, the bartender pointed out that a bus arrived. We walked outside and saw Kat seeking help from a Spanish boy.  We introduced ourselves, had some small talk, and then headed to Sarao cafe so she could get wi-fi.

At the bar, she contacted her family and her host, Anni.  Ines and Elena joined us at Sarao.  It was drizzling. Anni arrived in her coche and left with Kat.  She lived right in front of  the Chaplin bar.  We returned with Ines to her flat.  The streets were flooded.  Soon after, Kat called us and asked us to meet her to go look at a piso Anni’s friend had for rent.  We met hem within four minutes.  The piso was right by the plaza.  It was a smelly building.  I won’t go into the detail of this flat.  It was €300 a month and well, you get what you pay for.  Amissa said she rather live in Auschwitz. Upon exiting the flat, I told the owners we would contact them. At that very moment, I received a Whatsapp message from Ines saying she heard back from Cande. It was 7:30.  That could only mean bad news.  Well, it wasn’t and the flat was ours.

Cande called me and we arranged to meet the next day.  We parted with Kat. She was extremely tired and just waned to sleep.  We returned to Ines’ piso and realized, “hell, we should meet with Cande right now and sign the contract.” We did just that.  I collected our €400 fianza and headed over to Cande.  She was happy to let us stay the night.  Amissa and I agreed to stay.  Kat felt Anni opened her home to her and had to spend at least one night there.  We walked Kat back to Anni’s.  Our bags were at Ines’ flat and we were locked out while she was at handball training. We walked to her training and told her about te flat.  She would give us a ride with our suitcases after the training.

In the meantime, Amissa and I celebrated by eating out.  We went to Millenium and ordered a giant calzone.  It was nearly 10pm.  An hour after, we headed back to Ines’ training.  She finished. We walked to her flat, packed our bags, and rode to our new flat.  Ines dropped us off.  We thanked her for her hospitality and entered our new home.

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