Happy Birthday, Amissa!

September 26, 2012

I woke fifteen minutes before 9am. I waited patiently for the clock to hit nine, midnight in the states, to give Amissa a birthday kiss. We woke up and started our day.  I made her breakfast. We waited til 2pm to go to San Augustin for a birthday lunch. Ines came with us. We each ordered the “Menu del Dia” which was €10 each. This meal included a salad, any beverage, appetizer, the main dish, and dessert. We each chose our dishes from a list of options.

Fried Cheese and Tomato Salsa

Bolas de Patatas

Happy Birthday!

The lights when out and a Spanish happy birthday came on over the restaurant speakers.  Amissa received a cheesecake with a candle on it.  Soon after, I payed the €30 and we all left.  We took a picture outside of San Augustin.

birthday cheesecake

San Augustin

We headed back to Ines’ home. Amissa and I walked to Panda, the chinese store, and bought a wooden makeup box for Amissa’s makeup.  Later, we had an appointment with Gaspar, an old man who owned apartments and was somehow related to Ines’ friend.  He didn’t have any apartments available right now but knew friends who did.  One of his friends, Santiago, picked us up from Gaspar’s office and took us to the empty piso.  The apartment was located around el Jardin Rey Don Pedro, the most central and nicest park in the city.  On top of the great location, the piso had four bedrooms and a terrace.  The last piso we saw only had three bedrooms and no terrace.  The rooms were all weirdly clustered together upon entering the flat.  The furniture and appliances weren’t all that modern.  The flat would cost €400/month.  We left the flat.  Amissa couldn’t resist her hatred for the flat. I mistakenly was looking at the flat too optimistically. Amissa cried of frustration thinking I was sold.  Ines followed us awkwardly as we discussed the two flats.  We decided to go see the first flat again.  We set an appointment and headed over there with Ines.  Cande, the landlady, knew we would return after teling us we wouldn’t see anything better.  We expressed our sincere interest in the piso. We explained that we had one more to look at  before we would decide.  We would call her again tomorrow.

At night, we were hungry again and decided to have our first night of tapas. We asked Ines which bar to go to. She gave us some recommendations. We went to restaurante Reyes Catolicos, which is known to be overpriced. We ordered some ensaladilla russa, pulpo a la gallega, and some strange eggplant meat pie. They were all delicious. We returned home and ended our night.


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