Sunday September 23rd

I woke up around 9 am.  I didn’t want to get out of bed because I knew I had only slept 5 hours.  I played Angry Birds on my cell phone hoping to fall back asleep.  The house was peaceful. I pulled out my tripod and started to take some full depth of field pictures of the rooms.

I began to write in my journal until Amissa woke up.  We had breakfast together –bread, jamon serrano, and gouda cheese.  During our breakfast, Juan, Ines’s brother, came in and began to prepare for his birthday lunch.  I asked him what time they expected guests.  He answered, ”a las doce.” That was forty minutes away.  I took a shower and then returned to our room to make the bed and tidy up.

Amissa and I sat in the living room. I wrote in my journal. She attempted to read her Chicano studies book.  People began to arrive.  They greeted us not knowing we were foreigners.  After an hour or two, all the guests had arrived.  We went back and forth from the living room to the outside patio.  Eventually, we were sitting with the group, eating gambas (like quisquillas but grilled, salted, and served hot), talking about my position in the school, and Cataluña’s drive to be independent.

Ines slept in til 2. When she woke up, she showed us where they were making the Gazpachos Jumillano.  There was a stone bbq behind the house. On it was a giant pan filled with brown guck.  This was to be our lunch.  Two of Juan’s friends carried the giant brown guck filled pan through the patio where the guests and we were sitting.  Everyone gazed at the gazpachos.  Some lady finally told me to not judge the dish by its looks because it’s extremely tasty.  As the food entered the home, so did the guests.  We sat around the table for fifteen and waited to be served.

We were each served a bowl of this traditional Jumillan dish that contains shredded tortas, chicken, rabbit, and snails.  It was delicious.  The snails tasted similar to octopus.  The rabbit was like eating chicken.  After the main course, we received some giant melon slices. I was incredibly full after.

Ines took us to the city.  We went to her flat for the first time. Amissa worked on her homework.  After Ines’ flat, I think we returned to the campo, packed our bags, and moved to the Ines’ apartment in the city. Nothing else happened.

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