Party & Co.

Friday, September 21st

I woke up early in the morning. Amissa continued to sleep.  I walked into the kitchen, plugged in a radio, and started making eggs for everyone.  Amissa and Ines woke up and we all had breakfast together. After breakfast, we started preparing patatas for tortilla de patatas.  We thinly sliced about ten potatoes and then deep-fried them.

Bocadillos for breakfast

We went to the city for more groceries and to see about getting me a SIM card for my phone.  The carrier was all out and I would have to wait til Monday.  We returned to the campo and Ines’ friends were already there waiting.  Anna, Elena, and Rocio joined us for the afternoon.  Ines and her friends continued to make the tortillas de patatas.  I was frightened for my stomach.

The food was ready and we all ate together.  We began to play a board game called Party & Co..  It was very similar to Cranium and equally as fun.  By the end of the first game, two more of Ines’ friends came over, Tere and Maria from Basque Country. We played another round – this time with four teams.  We won the second game.

Amissa had homework to do. Ines had some plans too.  Maria and Tere were nice enough to drop us off at a bar with free wifi.  We walked into Sarao Café.  The wifi password was Sarao1492. We ordered a coffee and a tea.  Amissa began her studies.  She missed a few assignments but worked on what she could.  I took advantage of the wifi and got a hold of my family.  I was happy to hear Giuseppe was doing good.

Amissa continued her homework. I began to feel nauseous from the fried foods. I fell asleep at the bar.  Later, I woke up to find Ines laughing saying I fall asleep everywhere.  We packed up and returned to the campo.  Ines invited us to go out with her but I was feeling really sick.   Amissa was disappointed. I promised her we would go out the next day.  I nearly vomited that night.

Amissa doing homework at Sarao

Free Wifi!!!

cheap drinks

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