Three Days Left

Our two red suitcases lie on our bed. Hershel and Giuseppe each lie on a separate suitcase completely clueless that we will be leaving for 8 months.  Amissa sits on the bed entertained by the internet on her phone.  Pelusa sleeps. This is us counting down the days.  Excited and nervous.  Happy yet sad. These last few days will be spent with friends, family, and our beloved pets.

Poor little spickler

A few weeks ago, a small black and white kitten with a crooked Chaplin/Hitler mustache came into our backyard crying for attention.  We fed and gave her water.  She has not left since then.  As cute as she is, we can’t keep her.  We’ve attempted to find a home for Little Hitler (bad name, I know) but will be forced to take her to a shelter.  There has not been enough time to better approach this situation.

Sunday, family and friends will come over the house to help us celebrate this journey.  I know there will be tears and maybe some nausea but c’est la vie.  Below is an animation I made last year for my chihuahua Giuseppe. Enjoy!

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