One Month Left

Well… a little less than a month now.

For the last three weeks, I have been working at an elementary school processing lunch applications.  A desk job. Monday to Friday. Six hour days. The work is simple but tedious.  The environment is relaxed (I’m writing this at work) and friendly.  It’s definitely better than a retail job!  Being part of the cafeteria staff entitles me to free lunches and unlimited Snapples and Vitamin Waters — oh yeah!  I’ve already discussed my leave with my supervisors.  We’ve settled that my last day will be September 7th if not earlier.  In total, this temp job should add around a grand to my travel budget.

This summer has been composed of working, swimming, and drinking vino with buddies.  This has been definitely one of the most active summers — not necessarily productive.  Good ol’ summer fun though.

I have been reading Rick Steeves’ Europe Through the Back Door 2007 for some time now (especially on my 30-minute work breaks).  The book is very helpful in preparing for a European life.  It has definitely taught me a thing or two about planning, making the best of this trip, and becoming “cultural chameleons.”

Last thing, we bought our plane tickets. We leave September 18th.

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